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Chapter 15 Families IntroductionWhen people speak about the decline of the family referring to nuclear familyNuclear family consists of a cohabiting manwoman who maintain a socially approved sexual relationshiphave at least one childTraditional nuclear family the wife works wout pay in the homethe husband works outside the home for moneyOnly 41 of Canadian families in 2001 took the form of nuclear family Functionalists believe that rising rates of crime illegal drug use povertywelfare dependency is bc so many Canadian children are NOT living in 2 parent households w stayhome mothers Functionalismthe Nuclear Ideal Functional TheoryPolygamy expands the nuclear family horizontally by adding 1 or more spouses usually woman to the householdExtended family expands the nuclear family vertically by adding another generationone or more of the spouses parentsto the household Basic building block is the nuclear unitGeorge Murdock conducted a famous study of 250 preliterate societieso The nuclear family exists as a distinctstrongly functional group in every societyo Nuclear family is based on marriage o Marriage a socially approved presumably longterm sexualeconomic union bw a mana womanInvolves rightsobligations bw spousesbw spouses and their children 5 functions of MarriageNuclear family 1 Sexual regulation wout boundaries that defines legitimate sexual activity world would be disrupted by people having sex wherever whenever w whomever2 Economic cooperation a mana woman make an exceptionally efficient cooperating unita women physically weak take care of household b men possess superior strengthwork outside to support the family 3 Reproduction sex birth of a baby a Children are an investment in the future their economic valueas they grow older 4 Socialization teaching children language values beliefs skills religion etc 1 5 Emotional Support nuclear family gives its members love affection companionship a Motherexpressive roleensures familys emotional well being b Fatherinstrumental roleearning a living outside the familyMalak PatelChapter 15
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