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Sheldon Ungar

Chapter 10 RaceEthnicity Dr Mortons Brian Research y If members of some racial groups are rich others poor some educated and others illiterate some powerfulothers powerless that was due to differences in brain sizemental capacity y His ideas were used to justify 2 oppressive forms of domination and injustice 1 Colonization and slavery y Believed brain size indicated intellectual capacityy Average brain size varied by racey 3 issues regarding his findings 1 Morton claimed to distinguish skulls of white and black by the shape of their skullsToday it is still unclear2 Morton based his conclusions on only 72 specimens too small for generalization 3 Morton did not ensure identical sex composition of black and white skullsy NO EVIDENCE that whites have bigger brains than blacks Race Biology and Society y Aristocrats saw blue veins underneath their pale skin but couldnt see it under the peasantssuntanned skin thus the aristocrats called themselves blue bloods y In US since Jews scores below nonJews on IQ tests in 1920s this argument was used as Jewish Immigration y Much evidence shows that social setting in which a person is raised has a big impact on IQ y Some argue black has athletic superiority o False bc no gene linked to general athletic superiority has been identified o African athletes do not perform well in ALL sports ie hockey tennis soccer y Sociologists have identified certain social conditions that lead to higher participation in sports entertainment and crime o ppl who face widespread prejudicediscrimination often enter SEC o prejudice attitude that judges a person on hisher grps real or imagined characteristicso discrimination unfair treatment of ppl bc of their grp membershipy Athletic abilityintellectual ability reinforce social discriminationy In 2001 census 35 Canadians reported multiple racialethnic identitiesy Some sociologists suggest the word race should be dropped o But most continue bc perceptions of race affects our lives y Race a social construct used to distinguish ppl in terms of one or more physical markers o Race allows social inequality to be createdperpetuated1 y Scapegoat a disadvantaged person or category of ppl that others blame for their own problemsMalak PatelChapter 10
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