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Chapter 19 HealthMedicine The Black Death y Epidemic spread along trade routes in 1346 called Black Deathkilled 13 of Europes pop y Cause of the plague was a bacillus that spread from lice to rats to people y Spread so quickly bc many ppl lived together in unsanitary conditions y Researched the problemfound conjunction of Saturn JupitarMars had occurred in 1345 y Resulting hot humid conditions caused Earth to emit poisonous vapours y To prevent the plague ppl should refrain from eating poultry pork beef fish olive oil o Shouldnt sleep during daytime o Shouldnt engage in excessive exercise o Nothing should be cooked in rainwater o Bathing should be avoided y Only ppl who avoided the plague werePope Jews welltodo y Womenmen upperlower classes richpoor countries exposed to health risks to varying degrees y Story of Black Death suggests that 1 health risks are unevenly distributed y2 health problems change over time y 3 no special qualifications were required to administer medical treatment y Life expectancy avg agedeath of the members of a population y Leading causes of death in 1901Tuberculosis in 2001 cancer heart disease stroke HealthInequality DefiningMeasuring Health y Health WHO defi ability of an individual to achieve hisher potentialto respond positively to the challenges of the environment o 3 basic resources for health 1 income 2 shelter 3 food y When it comes to measuring the health of a pop sociologists examine tive rates of illnessdeath y French woman Jeanne Calment lived to be 122 y Only 1 in 100 ppl in richest countries now lives to be 100y Maximum average human life span avg age of death for an entire pop under IDEAL conditions y Life expectancy has eda steady rate of 25 per decade y Life expectancy50 yearscountries in SubSaharan Africa Highest in Japan828 years y Canadian avg human life span 807 o Canadians being deprived of 2 yrs of life bc of avoidable social causes Social Causes of IllnessHealth 1 1 Humanenvironmental factorso Divisions like social class occupationnationality often correspond to differences in the surroundings in which ppl worklive o Some foster good health others impose risks for poor health Malak PatelChapter 19
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