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Chapter 20 PopulationUrbanization POPULATION The City of GodRio de Janeiro City Brazil1 of worlds most beautiful cities o Pop 12M however it is characterized by inequality of wealth o Slums tight housing on hills are home to 20 of inhabitants o Called the City of God houses made of cardboard scraps of tin rats run roofs leak o Crime is survival many drug traffickersMovie Cidade de Deuschronicles gang wars of the 1970s80s o Each generation of drug traffickers starts younger than its predecessor o Escaping poverty is possibleBrazil now as urbanized as Canadaof pop living in urban areasPopulation growth is governed less by natural laws than by social forces o Social forces are NOT only related to industrialization but social inequality plays a major role40 yrs ago sociologists believed that cities were alienatinganomic normless o Only an oversimplification The Population Explosion 1804 pop 1 billion1999 pop 6 billion2006pop 652 billionBy 2100pop 10 billion pop will level offPg 600 graphWere now in the midst of population explosion fastunstoppable horrifying eventsDemographers analysts of human populationMain purpose of demographywhy size geographical distributionsocial composition of human populations change over timeEquation of pop changeBDIEo pop sizea given timepop sizean earlier time oof birthsDof deaths o I of immigrants arriving Eof emigrants leavingBasic tool for analyzing pop composition agesex pyramid o Shows theof malesfemales in each age cohort of the popa given timeConcerns about pop bomb is as old as the social sciencesThe Malthusian TrapThomas Robert Malthusproposed highly influential theory of human population 1Theory rests on 2 facts 1 People must eat 2 People driven by a strong sexual urge1 assumption although the food supply increases slowlyarithmetically 1 2 3 4 etc population size grows quicklygeometrically 1 2 4 8 etcConcluded that the superior power of pop cannot be checked wout producing misery or vice Malak PatelChapter 20
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