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Chapter 13 Workthe EconomyThe PromiseHistory of Work Salvation or Curse Work automationstandardization is seen as degradinginhuman processesWired magazine computers allow us to become mobilecreative Three RevolutionsEconomy institution that organizes the production distributionexchange of goodsservices 1 Primary sector farming fishing loggingmining 2 Secondary sectorraw materials turned into finished goods manufacturing 3 Tertiary sectorservices are boughtsoldThe Development of AgricultureFarmers invented the plowProductivity the amount of goods or services produced for every hour workedIn 190040 workforce employed in agriculture in CanadaCommodities are staples such as nickel oil and codThe Development of Modern Industry Industrialization th International exploration tradecommerce stimulated growth of markets from 15 cent on Markets social relations that regulate the exchange of goodsservices o In a market prices established by supplydemand The Development of the Service SectorThe computer automated many manufacturingoffice procedures eliminated jobsThe computer created jobs in the service sector 75 as quickly as it eliminatedThe Social Organization of WorkDivision of Labour specialization of work tasks The more specialized the work tasks in society the greater the division of labour o Increasing the division of labour involves creating new skills o Breaking complex range of skills into series of simple routinesWork relations became more hierarchical Workhierarchies are organized bureaucratically Good vs Bad JobsBad jobsdont pay muchrequire the performance of routine tasks under close supervision working conditions are unpleasant dangerous 1requires little formal educationcalled deadend jobsGood jobsrequire higher education pay wellnot closely supervised encourages workers to be creative Malak PatelChapter 13
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