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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2How Sociologist Do Research Science and ExperienceRead pg 3435 about OTTFFSSENTScientific versus Unscientific thinking Read 3536 Conducting research The research cycle Sociological research seeks to overcome the kind of unscientific thinking described above It is the cyclical process that involves six steps The process 1 Sociologist must formulate a research question A research question must be stated so it can be answered by systematically collecting and analyzing sociological data These answers have to be answered through evidence 2 Sociologist must review the existing research literature Researchers must elaborate their research questions in light of what other sociologists have already debated and discovered 3 Selecting a research method Each data collection method has strengths and weaknesses therefore we must keep this in mind when selecting a method 4 Collecting data Through observing subjects interviewing them reading documents produced by or about them 5 Analyzing the data the most challenging It is the time when data confirm some of your expectations and confound others requiring you to think creatively about family issues reconsider the relevant theoretical and research literature and abandon pets 6 Publish the results in a report Publication allows other sociologist to scrutinize and criticize the research In this way errors can be corrected and new questions can be formulatedEthical consideration Researchers cannot do the person that is being studied any harm The right to safety People must have the right to decide whether they can be studied and if so in what way Research subjects must have the right to decide whether their attitudes and behaviors may be revealed to the public The right to privacy Researchers cant use the data to directly link someone to it The confidentiality act Subjectsmust be told how the information they supply will be used They
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