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Chapter 19

Chapter 19 and 21 MSL notes

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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

CHAP. 19,SANE IN INSANE PLACES- ROSENHAN Deviance is the recognized violation of social norms. David L. Rosenhan explores the social deviance of mental illness and the consequences of labelling people sane or insane. Rosenhan is professor emeritus of psychology and law at Stanford University. - Benedict suggested that normality and abnormality are not universal. - What is seen normal in one culture may be seen as quite abnormal in another. Thus, notions of normality and abnormality may not be quite as accurate as people believe they are. - If the sanity of such pseudopatients were always detected, there would be prima facie evidence that a sane individual can be distinguished from the insane context in which he is found. - On the other hand, if the sanity of the pseudopatient were never discovered, serious difficulties would arise for those who support traditional modes of psychiatric diagnosis. - This article describes such an experiment: Eight sane people gained secret admission to twelve different hospitals. Their diagnos
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