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Chapter 44

Chapter 44 and 46 MSL notes

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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

CHAP. 44,PROTESTANT ETHIC WEBER - Max Weber for example placed the institution of religion at the center of his social analyses. Weber was particularly concerned with how changes in the institution of religion of religion influenced changes in other social institutions, especially the economy. - The selection excerpted here is from Weber argues that the early protestant worldviews of Calvinism and Puritanism were the primary factors in influencing the development of a capitalist economic system. Without the Protestant Reformation and a change in societal values toward rationality, capitalism would not have evolved as we know it today. - Even the organization of unfree labour reached a considerable degree of rationality only on plantations and to a very limited extent in the Ergasteria of antiquity. - The modern rational organization of the capitalistic enterprise would not have been possible without two other important factor in its development: the separation of business from the household, which completely dominates modern economic life, and closely connected with it, rational bookkeeping. - Occi
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