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7 Feb 2013

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Lecture One
Final Exam cumulative, initial consists, but more from the second part of the reading!
Lecture One
- Creating an anti-racist praxis in schooling
- How do ppl understand racism and its operate in daily life and how we go to a point
where we don’t allow racism to inhabit our _________
- race is a larger concept and cannot be reduced to the spectrum of skin, such as prescence
of accent, language, food and appearance....all to found to be inferior
- people often dismiss the importance of body, how people are marked, the marking of
ppl’s body
- there is a clear understanding of who is normalized and who is outside of the boundary.
- We have to ttake into account how ppl can internalize those understandings, people learn
to dislike their bodies. ...happens in the subconscious part of the brain. Ex: not being
served in a restaurant, what are the markers that made this happen (lips, eyes, clothing
etc. ). Ex: A white person with an accent, racism is not only what you see (colour) but
what you hear (accent). Hence your judged in a particular manner. It’s not based on the
epidermis, but a .........................
- The concept of race is no biologically validity.
- Another concept is migration relates to the movment of bodies, but used in discourse it
becomes ..............theres an imply understanding of permanence or semi permanence.
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