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Chapter 11

Chapter 11

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Katherine Stuart

Chapter 11 Qualitative Field ResearchIntroductionAnthropologists are especially associated with field research and have contributed to its development as a scientific method Accumulation of empirical evidence is a demanding task requiring extensive documentation skills at observation and interviewing sensitivity to situations and the capacity to organize vast amount of material Topics Appropriate to Qualitative Field ResearchQualitative research analyzes the context of the issue you are researching so it gives a better understanding of the issueField research is especially appropriate to the study of those attitudes and behaviors best understood within their natural settingGood places to apply field research methods is on campus court roomsNine Steps to Analyzing social settingsPracticesvarious behaviors talkingEpisodes variety of events divorce crime illnessEncounters two or more people meeting and interactingRoles and Social Types analysis of positions people occupy and the behavior associated with those positions occupations family roles ethnic groupsSocial and Personal Relationships behavior appropriate to pairs or sets of roles mothersonGroups and Cliques small groups friendship cliques athl Teams work groupsOrganizations formal organizations hospitals or schoolsSettlements and Habitats difficult to study large societies such as nations but field researchers study small societies such as villages and neighborhoods
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