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Chapter 1

SOCB22H3 Chapter 1: Sex R Us Article

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Lauren Spring

1. Sex R Us  When right wing conservative religious groups and liberal feminist find themselves ideological beds together chances are dad it’s about one thing sex and this was the case when Calvin Klein in 1980 gave us 15-year-old Brooke Shields purring and nothing comes between me and my Calvin released a series of print and TV ads August 1995 uniformly announced as bordering on kiddy porn.  The soft core ads in magazines featured slim white mostly blond pubescent models in various stages of undress their hands in the Jean pockets or hooked over the waist bad to enable them to pull the jeans down even lower field directly and proactively into the camera. The TV ads described above and showcase on MTV meet people especially crazed because he looks like the d level stag films from the 1960s.  rage from the conservative American family Association and Strictly to women heading rape crisis center is as critics ventured that maybe this pedophilia marketing strategy was debased even for an American advertising. Client quickly yanked the campaign and within two weeks the Justice Department had launched an investigation into whether his usage of underage models violated child pornography laws.  Despite the controversy surrounding the Klein camping they were harbinger to transcend game considerable steam in the late 1990s the ramp and return the often degrading sexual objectification of women and the increasing sexualization of children especially girls.  Quantification continued to expand and move down The age chain. The Bratz dolls launched in 2001 with the sunset strip poker outfits make by me look like a princess the transformation of Britney Spears from teen pop started interfering Little diva make a left party for girls as young as five well even those of us who truly Believe that sex is and should be a healthy normal pleasurable part of life started getting very uneasy.  A new female icon began to take center the sex expert Cosmo Carrie Bradshaw sex expert knows a lot about sex is comfortable with sex initiated enjoy sex on an equal footing with men and talks a lot about it with her girlfriends there was a new sex positive environment for women and the Double standard hasn’t completely eliminated. The reality of course is different this liberation came at a price in exchange for this freedom Young woman was supposed to dress like all girls have to start learning how to do this added ever younger age the sex expert persona came in part from the desire of young women for sexual freedom and equality enjoy sex without condemnation an to have their sexuality seen as healthy And normal.  Some young woman wanting sexual equity with men that’s a claim for equal power they did not want to be mere sex objects they wanted to be active sexual agents even though this is true sexual equality between men and woman is still too threatening it is nonetheless proved lucrative to flatter woman that they have it. therefore media begins to highlight this message it's too sex and sexual display that woman really have the power to get what they want to because a true path to power comes from being out an object of desire girls and women should now actively choose even celebrate and embrace being sex objects. The best way to gain this kind of power is to cater to what men want. There in the hands of Cosmo the sex expert appreciates the author apartment to please him even at her expense or discomfort if necessary to reassure him about his performance and to constantly monitor and refine her ability to look sexy do do what he wants and needs.  This persona of the sex expert is always white young heterosexual slim busty beautiful and middle or upper middle class the media’s target demographic she is ideal for the age of enlightened sexism because she’s a hybrid of empowerment and objectification it lets me woman’s hold for sexual equity have become wrapped up in glossy images that’s old jeans underwear magazines music videos and TV shows and allowed Victoria secret to conquer the mall of America.  The prudery of the media and television in particular first began to melt under the heat of the sexual devotion producing more risky fair like Dallas and Dynasty in the late 1970s and 1980s but it was in the 1990s at a much higher infusion of sex began to course through the media as advertisers the old Inn on the rising numbers of teenagers in the population it was a simple commercial calculation in their effort to imprint brand loyalty on this think edgy rebellious generation advertises figured not incorrectly that sex cells especially to adolescents they’re also tapping into girl power moment and using it to sell as well.  The new media and especially a bottom feeder tabloids expressed outrage over the trend and yet not surprisingly used it to sell their own magazines and TV show.  After the murder of John Burnett a pageant girl who has been found dead and had been sexually assaulted the television cable network and tabloids went on a John Burnett been day and what riveted the country with endless video loop of the tiny girl and various very grown outfits at have various pageants.  The case expose the driving subculture of beauty pageants for little girls and raise questions about the judgment in motives of parents who encourage the daughters to pray their little bodies around as competitive activity  many women and especially in women in the age of girl power were tired of having their sexuality seen as something dangerous or shameful something be have to deny our sensory feminist who expressed concern about new pontification of women’s bodies were dismissed as hating sex but the real concern was that reducing women to their sexuality undermines their march towards full equality what woman supposed to revert back to 1950s fifties and sound like Jane Mansfield all men controlled the rain of power or to take cues from Madonna’s music videos and take a sex positive stance,  in the 1970s seventies College women were more likely to read glamour or mademoiselle as both magazines and grammar and particularly intermixed features like how to get a better but fast and the art of a pedicure with articles about how to advance your career and change a tire and update on congressional legislation of interest the woman many also felt that being a Cosmo girl on whose main goals which hyper feminine and to please men with a bit too stereotypical and downmarket.  But with the rise of light in Texas some things began to shift in 1987 the new editor Bonnie Fuller took over from Brown and replaced the Cosmo girl with the new fun fearless female label showplace anonymous cover girls and punching necklines of celebrities in Pontiac lines within a year ad revenue was up more than 20% Fuller success at Cosmo has made even fuller seem like a prude.  Cosmo like most women magazines have been insistent hey you yeah you girls direct mode of address unflattering initial salutations is to a confident girl in the know who wants to do whatever you damn well please it takes men as objects. She is sexpert par excellence whose main capital in the market of relationships is a shapely well-made up and feminine lead dressed body for sexual knowledge and her sexual skill she must juggle all this however would not being remotely threatening to men as how to be a super hottie advise a little cool chick vibe for real in a man is your softer side that’ll hook him and there are two voices in Cosmo the savvy female one who knows all about how to please him and the voice of allegedly real guys also provide the inside skinny on his point of view and tell you how to behave.  Want to struck by how much sex must always be calculated pose a performance while looking utterly spontaneous than vices also get often wildly contradictory.  While men are still the boss and must be pleasing placated the Eagles are as fragile as snowflakes in the July 2000 issue for example men like to feel needed and valued and woman who of injured hardships bring out their protective natures.  Conforming to the barbie aesthetic of femininity and walking the razor thin line between sexy and slutty is also essential.  Hear something about Maxim shamelessly objectify women and reduces them to their body parts their breast in particular and as a result have been the subject of holster protesting criticism. Maxim got away with not stop seeming pornographic because there was some clothes on the woman since its inception and has no nipple rule  Maxim stands is that it worships beautiful woman and that readers are often inferior to them let’s cool lazy or not a smart dark urine very possibly not as good in bed sexy funny smarter than us proclaims the one headline about its cover girl.  Maxim has been heavily staff with women over the years some imported from Cosmo cook clean that with the sexy relationship advice Maxim makes better boyfriends and better husbands. Perhaps in its aggressive reclamation of the allegedly immutable beer and libido drive masculinity and it’s you that woman fall into two categories hotties and worthless. Maxim resusicates Montrose feminist could nearly 40 years ago the womens only value comes from their sexual appeal and woman I’ve barely full-fledged people for things to be used by men for the sexual pleasure and that there’s only one male
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