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Chapter 5

SOCB22H3 Chapter 5: definitions-final

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Lauren Spring

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Term Slide Definition Elaboration Biological Determinism Biological Determinism: the - Biological determinism can be idea that human nature is seen as gender is determined by determined by genes, brain size, anatomy or other biological attributes and not by culture or other social forces. Intersexual Selection Intersexual selection: Members - peacock feather of one sex who possess - selection based on desirable qualities to other sex competition within same will gain preferential mating gender. Where one tries to advantage. stand out compared to the rest by having a better “something” than the rest. Homophobia Homophobia: A terror - harboring negative feelings surrounding feelings of love for toward homosexuals members of the same sex and thereby a hatred of those feelings in others. Cis-Gender Cisgender: A term for people - believed the be the “standard” whose gender identity aligns of gender, resonates with with the sex they were assigned biological determinism, at birth. believing your gender is something you are born with Transgender Transgenderism: encompasses An individual whose personal a variety of identities—including sense/identify of gender does transsexual; fetish and non not correspond with their fetishistic cross dresser; drag biological sex queen, and other terms as devised by individuals who live outside the dominant gender system. Transsexuals: People who believe themselves to be female and who wish to, or do, live full- time as women (57). Term came into use in the 1950s Leaning- In Sandberg argues that women What Sandberg argues with aren’t as ambitious as men, that leaning in, is that women are “leadership belongs to those not as ambitious as men, and who take it” and so women they have to step up in order to must lean in and stop get what they want. So in other underestimating their own words, they have to “believe in potential; they must own their themselves” to achieve what own success. they want. Leaning in can just be thought of as stepping up. Non-Binary Gender Gender radicals: Men who An individual who does the dressed as women but their foll
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