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Konstantine Zakzanis

Similarly different: Obscuring social hierarchy among girls • Reena Virk, like many fourteen-year-old girls, had a hard time fitting in where she grew up, in her case the middle-class suburb of Saanich on the outskirts of Victoria, B.C. It didn’t help that she was slightly overweight and the dark- skinned child of immigrants who were not well-to- do (Time Magazine “A fury of her peers” Dec. 8/97, Purvis, 68). Equally the victims of “girl violence” • Bad Girls. A parent’s nightmare: missing the danger signs. The brutal murder of Reena Virk, 14, sounds an alarm about rising violence among teenage girls. Maclean’s Magazine. December 8, 1997 issue. Unquestioned heteronormativity: Colonial sexist-racist underpinings in the “girl violence” narrative Kelly – was white and normal – seen as a good girl When girls kill girls, often it’s over a boy’s affections. Vancouver Sun, November 24, 1997. Moral Panic:
 Claims that female perpetrated violent crime is on the rise • You’re so cute when you’re mad. Globe and Mail, December 29, 1997, D3. Girl Violence: Feminists blamed for leading girls and women astray • Girls will be...boys – and it’s not a pretty sight. Young females step out of traditional roles. Toronto Star, June 18, 1998. Youth Deviance and Disorder Adolescents are always going to engage in a certain amount of aggression, because their emotions are strong and their impulses are hard to control. The murder in Victoria, however, is something else. That is violence at the margins, at the proverbial river’s edge, where, it seems, some girls, like some boys, are becoming more intensely violent” (Patricia Pearson, You’re so cute when your’re mad, Globe and Mail November 29, 1997, D3) Good Girl / Bad Girl Dichotomy The narrative of girl violence hinges on the idea that girls and women are inherently non-violent. That is, girls and women that meet the requirements of hegemonic femininity (i.e., white, middle-class, heterosexual, able-bodied) are in fact the “fairer” sex. Those that do not meet these criteria are categorized as racial and sexual deviants. (Batacharya, 2006). Shocking: An ordinary good girl runs with the wrong crowd • Shock of Virk trial is the ordinary appearance of accused teen. Vancouver Sun, March 23, 2000, A3. Racist Violence Sherene
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