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Chapter 2

chapter 2

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Julian Tanner

Chapter 2 Classical sociological approaches to Education Introduction Using theory to Study schoolsTheories are conceptual tools that provide perspective or illumination they help you see Theories can focus at different levels of abstraction macro middlerange and micro o Macro grand theories attempt o understand vast horizons across entire societies o Middlerangeare more circumscribed offering propositions that are geared to specific times and places such as a particular nation in a particular time period o Micro concerned with facetoface interactions among people with only a partial eye to broader social forces Durkheim and Socialization The cultural shift to individualismThe revolutions in industry and politics were transformative precisely because they ushered in new social orders that broke radically with traditional societies Rising individualism was central to this radical break Durkheim postulated that social cohesion was replacing the authoritative voice of religionTrust and language are key ingredients in social cohesionHe argued that social norms were essential to providing a mor
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