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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

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Julian Tanner

Chapter 1Thinking sociologically about the schooled society Introduction What is a schooled societyschooled society formal education has moved to the centre stage of social life over the past centurySchooling has become the major route for social mobility Thinking sociologically about schoolingSocial science differs from natural science by recognizing the fundamental fact of human agency the unique ability to make meaning to choose and to behave intentionallyThe key insights of social scientists have probabilistic not deterministic effects on peopleSociological thinking uses evidencebased rigour to study meaningful human activity in its contextSocial construction it takes into account the limited force of human biology in social affairs and also implies that complex behavior and institutions cannot be reduced to an individuals intentions and meaningsSocial structures are flexible but enduring ensembles of interconnected rules and resources Eg Teachers and studentsA key social mechanism that connects individual ac
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