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Chapter 1

SOCB26 Chapter 1

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Julian Tanner

CHAPTER 1: THINKING SOCIOLOGICALLY ABOUT THE SCHOOLED SOCIETY Introduction: What is a schooled society? SCHOOLED SOCIETY: formal education moved to centre stage of social life over the past century - Canada relies on the education system to rationalize and justify the social order - Demand for formal education partly stems from its rising power to shape lives - Schooling has become the major route for social mobility SOCIAL MOBILITY: the ability of individuals to move up (or down) in a society conceived as a finely gradated hierarchy - Minorities encouraged to use schooling as a lever of upward mobility and social justice - School aka great equalizer provide opportunities to the disadvantaged - Education shapes the organization of society (e.g. nation building and citizenship, classifies and regulates who works where, creating specialized roles, big organizations - job training and certificate programs) - Many social problems are seen to have educational solutions Thinking sociologically about Schooling The Art of Applying Science to Study Society - Social science differs from natural science by recognizing the fundamental fact of human agency: the unique ability to make meaning, to choose, and to behave intentionally - Any science of schooling must therefore incorporate the creative agency of humans - Social behaviour is often regular, stable, and predictable - Human Agency ensures that peoples behaviour is not entirely determined but it does not create behaviour that is entirely random either www.notesolution.com
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