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Chapter 2

SOCB26 Chapter 2

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Julian Tanner

CHAPTER 2: CLASSICAL SOCIOLOGICAL APPROACHES TO EDUCATION Introduction: Using Theory to Study Schools Theories: conceptual tools that provide perspective or illumination o Macrogrand theories: attempt to understand vast horizons across entire societies o Middle range theories: propositions that are geared toward specific times and places o Micro-level theories: concerned with face-to-face interactions among people and broader social forces (partially) Durkheim and Socialization: The Cultural Shift to Individualism INDIVIDUALISM (DURKHEIM): A belief in the importance and virtue of self development and self reliance and personal independence Religion had traditionally supplied the norms that prescribed social behaviour Industrialization and democratic reforms had sparked greater individualism People were encouraged to develop their individual talents and capacities to their fullestextent Response about social cohesion: o Argued against individual rationality, or a social contract, as the basis for society Social norms were essential to providing a moral framework the basis of enduring trust within which mutual agreements can be reached Contract partners 1 need trust (key ingredient in social cohesion), which is pre-contractual, which is then followed by the contract The signing of contracts and all other acts of mutual reciprocity, presuppose this context of trust o Trust comes from individuals interacting with one another www.notesolution.com
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