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Article 7 Detailed Notes - The Eugenics Society of Canada

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Joe Hermer

September 292011The Eugenics Society of CanadaBritish Columbia and Alberta passed legislation for the sterilization of the feebleminded and its supervision by boards of eugenicsProgressive middleclass professionals who were interested in a variety of social reforms1930The Eugenics Society of Canadabiological taint was the single most important cause of the nations social problemsThe tardiness of Ontario in employing eugenic measuresFeeblemindedness was difficult to define it was easy to recognizeMacMurchyfeeblemindedness to refer to the higherclass mentally retarded who could be mistaken for the normal They did not have the physical stigmata of the moron or imbecile and so could even fool the ordinary physiciansSocial failure was the clearest indication of mental deficiencySolution was to round up all these individuals and subject them to custodial careIn 1911special classes 1914auxiliary classes for the purposes of removing mental defective from the normal school systemRegister on which would be inscribed the names of all the citys mental defectivesSteppedup inspections and institutionalization of defective childrenThe feebleminded had to viewed as a moral cancerThe provincial government was loath to invest money in building separate institutions for the feeblemindedCalling for youths to be subjected to further surveys tests and categorizations and for new asylums mental testing of immigrants and restriction of marriageEconomic constraints refused to implement the recommended changesFailure of the PACFM to all intents and purposes not that much different from ahost of other lay charitable organizationsCanadian National Committee for Mental Health1920Blamed much of societys ills on the maternal coddling of misfits carried out by misguided philanthropistsWhat was required was a replacement of the rule of mediocrities by experts who could introduce a sterner and more virile societyCNCMH1918 by Clarence HincksOwn personality problemsThe feebleminded were at best a drain on the community and at worst potential criminalsExperts in mental hygiene were necessary to provide for the smooth running of large organizationsNew forms of sophisticated social controlSuccessful at winning the su
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