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Addictions as Deviant Behaviour: Normalizing the Pleasures of Intoxication

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Joe Hermer

Addictions as Deviant Behaviour Normalizing the Pleasures of IntoxicationOutlines and contrasts the moral medical and the criminalization models of deviance regarding drugs Also an alternative and emerging concept thats called harm reduction The Making of AddictionCreating Deviancey2 ways of understanding the concept of deviance o Positivist and interactionist approach o PositivistyAssumes that deviance is real and exists not only in the objective actions of individuals but also is shared by those who observe these actionsyFalls beyond conformity to dominant social normsyPremised on the belief that the social norms of society are known and shared o Interactionist approachyTakes the stance that morality is not constant but rather a product of the process of social construction that is influenced by context actors and timeyWhat is deviant is a product of the more powerful group making claims regarding the acceptability of certain behavioursyBased on personal interests and particular valuesyDeviance is an action or a condition defined as inappropriate or in violation of certain powerful groups conventions or rules Symbols and LanguageyManderson 1995 argues that understanding the symbolic nature of objects associated with drug use will give a greater understanding of the social construction of drug useySocietal reaction to drug use is stimulated by the response to particular images that centre on objects of use and objects of ritual o Like using a needle for heroin injection o Even though needles are used by doctors that is not a stigmatism of deviance but when it is used for something other than medical it crosses the boundary between what we know to be normal and what is deviant o The issue of the symbolic violation of boundary is further perpetuated with respect ot the perceived threat drug use poses to the mindbody and reasonemotion distinctions What is AddictionyLanguage the terminology history and connotations that are used when discussing drug use and addiction shape our perceptions of problemyAssociation of the word addict with substance use did not occur until the 10th century when the temperance and antiopium movements beganyMeaning of addiction modified in 4 ways to create new meaningLinked to specific drugsAttributed the cause of addiction to exposure to the drug itselfIdentified tolerance and withdrawal symptoms as criteria for addictionUltimately ascribed an unfavorable meaning to the term as an illness or vice
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