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Policing the Filth: The Problems of Investigating Online Child Pornography in England and Wales

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Joe Hermer

Policing the Filth The Problems of Investigating Online Child Pornography in England and Wales Yvonna JewkesCarol AndrewsIntroductionyPolice face obstacles in tackling internet child abuseyOften the focus is put on bodies other than the police internet providers private security firms that protect a business etcyMany different agencies police the internet just as in real life FBI interpol etc for us European equivalents for Europe they can work with eachother bewtween nations as well as separatelyyHowever cooperation is difficult because different member states cannot find compatible modus operandiyThis is due to problems in jurisdiction crossborder cooperation and incompatible legislation and also cuz Britain needs to update their laws to incoporate cyber crimeyBritain must make minor changes to these lawsyUK Computer Misuse Act CMA o Hacking cracking criminally motivated hacking o British police allowed only to seize tangible evidence can prosecute a computer thief but not a database thiefyUK Data Protection Act o Data identity and data theft o Data is again intagible evidenceyThere is little international agreementof what constitutes cyber criminal activityyFor example a paedophilic site hosted outside of the UK is subject to that countrys legislation and the UK does not have jurisdiction to investigateyPublic concerns of child porn have produced new laws to protect children fromygroomingseduction of children over the internet with the goal of underage sex
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