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Joe Hermer

The Despicable Crime of Nudity: The sons of freedom often known as the Doukhobor followed their own lifestyle, isolating from the rest of the Canadian society. On May 1, 1932 one hundred nude paraders from the sons of freedom sect of the Doukhobor community was arrested in southeastern British Columbia. Close to 600 people were arrested for nudity and charged with 3 years imprisonment. Children were taken into custody, with their parents and put into orphanages, industrials schools, etc. Nudity is a form of both religious expression and protest against civic authority. Ranters proclaim the right to be natural and behave naturally and Quaker meetings have been held in Britain and America. The millenarian group is one example that practises nude images and means of theological conviction and community solidarity. The Douks believed in God and- mutual respect, cooperation and guiding principles of life. They often followed religion through oral tradition of psalm, farmed and lived in common. They were leaders with semi-divine qualities to resist pressure from external forces. While the douks refused to join the military, Canada decided to pull the boys out of m
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