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Joe Hermer

Appearance and Delinquency: A research note Women are judged by their appearances which effects a number or things: dating opportunities, initiation of relationships, teachers evaluations and corporate success. It also plays a toll on the way they are treated by the criminal justice system. It is to think that the more attractive you are, the more likeable and enjoyable your life will be. The role of appearances: criminal responsibility and judgement has been a focus of psychological studies. There has been a number of research backed up that ‘’physical attractiveness influences wrong-doings’’. You see this when an unattractive child is only punished for the same actions performed by the attractive child. Subjects are less likely to pose antisocial behaviours on attractive children than unattractive. In terms of arrest: Sigall and Ostrove suggest that sentences given to offenders are often conditioned by appearances. Female offenders who’s crimes were not attractive related received leniency than unattractive offenders. However, for crimes committed that were attractive- related, attractive females did receive harsher punishments than their unattractive peers. However, attractive offenders are less likely to be found guilty vs. unattractive offenders. When using attractiveness for commission of crime, ie. prostitution, attractive defendant were more likely to be found guilty, yet it still remains that the ‘’ attractive get away with anything’’. Society has high expectations on individuals, especially those who are attractive. Not only are they seen to have a social desirable personality, more feminine and likely to be happier in relationships but they also
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