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Joe Hermer

My Word against Yours Sexual Harassment in the WorkplaceSexual harassment by boss to female workersNo recourse powerlessjob security revenge by boss etcHuman Rights Commission useless cannot provide with new job quicklyLow chances of finding new job where there wouldnt be sexual harassmentmaledominated field Tough to proveno witnesses obvious evidenceBig tits mean big tips o Uniforms that proffers workers breasts o Almost all patrons are maleThe customer is always right o Objecting to being touched by customers will get you reprimandedThose with a vocation for the hospitality profession know there is no place for this kind of flagrant insubordinationIt is customary for workers to receive friendly kisses from the bossBeing tolerant with customer and boss flattery is what it takes to succeed in this business o Anyone who objects was described as lesbians frustrated spinstersAround the same time period of Clarence Thomas casenew awareness to the term Sexual HarassmentAnita Hill o Law professor and former colleague of Thomas candidate for US supre
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