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Klatch Notes

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Sheldon Ungar

Klatch Notes Chapter 1 - Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) prominent student group at the conservative spectrum o They mobilized issues that opposed the SDS o YAF was founded in the shadow of the Cold War o The National Defense Act: intended to encourage students to become proficient in science, math, and physics o If you joined the Defense Act, you had to sign a loyalty oath to the country o Doug Caddy and David Franke established the National Committee for a Loyalty Oath…these two individuals had connections with young republicans o - Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) leading organization of the new left o They embraced issues regarding civil rights, welfare reform, opposition to the war in Vietnam and student’s rights o One of the first conference held by the SDS was to discuss “Human rights in the North” o Bob Ross, student of University Michigan attended this conference The Sharon Conference (Sept 9-11, 1960)  held by the YAF’s - 100 hundred delegates met in Sharon, Connecticut - One of the main orders of business at Sharon was approval of a statement of principles - The founding creed pronounced a faith in the free market, constitutional government, political freedom and a determination to support resistance to Communist expansionism - YAF was set up as a nonpartisan youth group; its aims were to mobilize support among youth for political candidates and acting as a voice for conservative opinion “on key issues affecting young people” The Port Huron Convention (June 11-15, 1962)  held by the SDS - 59 people arrived in Huron, Michigan - The aim was to draft a statement of principles - “The Port Huron Statement was a living document open to change with our times and experiences” - The final document was 63 page essay… o The statement stressed the need for human relationships based on fraternity and honesty o The document calls for a vision of society in relation to :  Participants should participate in decisions determining quality and direction of their lives  Society be organized to encourage independence and to provide for such common participation o regarding communism, the document declares that as democrats we are in basic opposition to the communist system o the statement condemns violence as a means to social change o finally, the statement establishes a new left, distinct from the old - the meetings were run by Robert’s Rules of Order, using an elaborate system of committees and votes to reach a consensus - ultimately the issue of exclusion was fatal to the SDS… once the exclusion clause was removed, the door was open to Communist sects, that eventually tore apart the organization - For YAF, communism was the influence of underlying the Sharon statements o For them communism and the Cold war represented the loss of American status, disillusion with the belief in America as the mightiest power on earth - For the SDS, they grew up with the image of America as just and good, as the embodiment of freedom and equality o It was the Cold war that provoked awareness… o They viewed the Soviet system as an overcentralized bureaucracy o The cold war represented the deterioration of civil liberties…not the loss of American power - Populism the removal of power from above and it’s return to those below - There were some seeds of commonality between the YAF and SDS  they both expressed suspicion towards large organizations, they were ostracised by their peers, and believed in personal freedom Chapter 2 - Class backgrounds: o Many of the members from YAF and SDS learned activism from their parents o The majority of members came from privileged backgrounds o Women in both groups come from more privileged backgrounds o Majority of the women in SDS had mothers who were employed during their childhood o Female activists in YAF come from middle class homes with fathers who were primarily employed in white collar and professional jobs o The YAF men come from the least privileged backgrounds… their parents were the least educated and their fathers held low status positions o Libertarians within the YAF came from a more privileged background than traditionalists - Religious Backgrounds: o SDS members were evenly split between Jews and Protestants o Libertarians in YAF were mostly Protestants o In the YAF, there was a difference between traditionalist’s (more devout)
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