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Janelle Leboutillier

Sociology Lec notes Day 1: -People will honk faster at older car (2 sec) that at a luxury vehicle (6 sec) What does this tell about you? -Power: The ability to make other people act in your best interest. -Power struggle What is Sociology? -The social interaction of humans -It is motivated to improve the social world. -Method that allows you see the social world more clearly. -Commit Sociology Why Sociology? -C. Wright Mills (1916-1962) -Sociology is about connecting the micro level to the macro level -Raised catholic, and army brat -He rebelled against that army brat -Enrolled at Taxes A&M -He was fed up with religion and hazing in fraternities -He criticized the power elite -Micro = Individual, Meso = Group, Macro = Societal Looking at Gender: Wanting to have child in different level. -Micro: Internal beliefs and pressure that individual women feel: to be good mother or mother as well -Meso: Familial expectations, the second shift: once women are done with work (it is first shift), then they go home and do chores and work more. How to have kids, with already so many responsibility? -Macro: Faith based assumptions -Patriarchy: The traditional system of economic and political inequality between women and men in most societies. -On average, 13.7% of corporate board memberships belong to women The sociological Imagination -C. Wright Mills (1959) called. -Sociological Imagination: It is ability to see the connection between personal troubles and social structures. -Social structure: Relatively stable patterns of social relations. 3 Level of Social Structure 1. Microstructure(微微微微)微 Patterns of intimate social relations formed during face-to-face interactions. Ex: family, friends. -Close friends have friends similar to you, weakly connected friends have different groups of friends strength of weak ties is useful to the job search. 2. Macrostructure(微微微微)微 Patterns of social relations that lies outside and above you circle of close acquaintances(微微微微). Ex: Class, bureaucracy(微微微微). -Spouses are happier with marriages if workload is share equally. 3. Global Structure(微微微微)微 Level of society that surrounds and penetrates(微微) Ex: International organization, economic relation countries. -Understanding the global structur
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