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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

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Mahinda Samarakoon

Stats: Data and Models – Canadian Edition Chapter 2 – Data - “Data trumps intuition. Instead of using out intuition, we experiment on the live site and let our customers tell us what works for them.” – Ronny Kohavi But What Are Data? - Data can be numerical, it can record names or other labels - Sometimes data has values that look numerical, but that are just serving as labels - Data values are useless without their context - Answering who, what, when, where, and if possible why provides the context for data values, often how is added to the list - Answering who and what are essential; if you cannot answer these 2, you do not have data and you do not have any useful information Who - The rows of a data table correspond to individual cases about whom or which we record characteristics - In a database, rows are called records - Cases are often a sample of cases selected from a larger population that we are trying to understand What and Why - Characteristics recorded about each individual are variables, shown in columns of data tables - Categorical variable - When a variable names categories and answers questions about how cases fall into those categories - Quantitative variable – when a measured variable with units answers questions about the quantity of what is measured, we call it a quantitative variable - Units tell how each value has been measured - Units such as, nanoseconds, kilometres, etc., tell us the scale of measurement - Some variables can answer both questions, but you have to consider why
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