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Chapter 9

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Mahinda Samarakoon

Stats Data and ModelsCanadian EditionChapter 9Regression WisdomSifting the Data for GroupsPlotting the residuals or creating a histogram of residuals can reveal groups of data with the overall set of data Outliers Leverage and InfluencePoints whose residuals are large always deserve special attentionA point has high leverage if its xvalue is far from the mean of the xvalues they pull strongly on the regression line A point with high leverage has the potential to change the regression lineTo see if a high leverage point changes the model fit the linear model both with and without the pointa point is influential if omitting it from the analysis gives a very different modelInfluence depends on leverage and residual The best way to identify unusual cases is against the background of a model but good models should not be unduly influenced by a small number of unusual cases Lurking Variables and Causation 2 No matter how strong the association no matter how large the R value no matter how straight the line there is no way to conclude from a reg
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