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Chapter 1

Introduction to the Practise of Statistics - Chapter 1

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Introduction to the Practise of Statistics Introduction - Statistics: The science of learning from data (numerical facts) - Context of data includes understanding variables that are recorded with special instruments - Individuals: Objects described in a set of data (sometimes people but when they are not, they are cases) - Variables: Any characteristics of an individual, can take different values for different individuals, 2 types: Categorical: Places individual into 1 or >2 groupscategories (i.e. sex = female or male) Quantitative: Takes numerical values of which arithmetic co operations such as adding or averaging take place Distribution of a variable tells us what values it takes and how often it takes these values 1.1 Displaying Distributions with Graphs - Exploratory Data Analysis: Using statistical tools and ideas to examine data in order to describe main features, 2 basic strategies: Begin by examining each variable move on to study relationships among variables Begin with a graph(s) add numerical summaries of specific aspects of data - Categorical Variables: Distribution of categorical variables list the categories and give the contpercent of individuals that all in each category Graphs to Represent Variables: A. Bar Graphs B. Pie Chart: Require that you include all categories that make a WHOLE use only when you want to emphasize each categorys relation to the whole - Quantitative Variables: www.notesolution.com
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