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================================== CHAPTER 1 ================================== STATISTICS (CHAPTER READINGS) CHAPTER 1 - STATS STARTS HERE! - Statistics helps us to see the world more clearly & accurately. So, What is (Are) Statistics? [GBOX] What is Statistics? (sing. form) - way of reasoning that uses collection of tools & methods to help comprehend the world What are Statistics? (pl. form) - specific calculations made from data What are data? - datum is sing. form - values, but it takes into acc't the context they came in [GBOX] [1] - very conspicuous to see ppl collecting data from us, about us - ex. UPS - collects data for every package it ships & delivers and puts it all together in a large database [2] Statistics - helps w/ making sense of the complicated world we live in - ex. by evaluating risk of GM foods that Canadian Food Inspection Agency is looking into - ex. by evaluating safety & effectiveness of new drugs sent for approval to Health Canada - ex. predicting # of AIDs cases - ex. #customers likely to respond to sale in mall - this discipline is needed whenever - data is involved - there is need to comprehend world Statistics in a Word [3] - Statistics is about VARIATION - data varies b/c - we aren't able to observe eth - what is measured and is observed, it is done imperfectly (b/c humans are not perfect) - Statistics helps us to work with this variation by: - understanding it - modelling it => by doing this, can see thro it, thereby deciphering the underlying truths & patterns An. seeing forest thro. trees - What is a central challenge of the Statistics discipline is making sense of variations in data [4] How does this Book Help? - what is done w/ data can be better comprehended if pic's are made for it - book goes thro. entire process of - thinking about prob - finding & showing results - telling others about discovery >- each step has data displayed to improve comprehension & insight - how to best comprehend Statistics is when it is put to use [5] 3 Steps to doing Statistics correctly - THINK - know how you are going to progress & why - SHOW - the actual doing of calculations, and making displays of data - not the most impt pt - TELL - ... about what has been learned - cannot properly have done Statistics unless you have explained results to some1 that can comprehend conclusions that came from it [6] Where are we going? section - comes at every chapter's beginning
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