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Chapter 15

STAB22 - Highly detailed Chapter 15 Notes, Summer 2012, Ken Butler

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Ken Butler

STAB22CHAPTER15PROBABILITY RULES p395 WHERE ARE WE GOING CONDITIONAL PROBABILITYex probability of car accident happening given the person isa senior a teenager young adult probability of an event can change when more is learned about relevant situationPROBABILITY ON CONDITIONp396 1 ex What is the name of the home province of a travelling Canadian to Stonehenge England SAlberta BC Manitoba NFL and Labrador NWT Nova Scotia Nunavut Ontario PEI Quebec Saskatchewan Yukon probability of meeting some1 from Ontario is not the same as probability of meeting some1 from Nunavut diff outcomes listed in sample space are NOT equally likely 2 how can these outcomes be combined in diff ways to make diff eventsexANew Brunswich NFLLabrador Nova Scotia PEIevent that persons home province is one of the Atlantic provinces BNew Brunchswick NWT Nunavut Quebec Yukonevent that persons home province has official lang being French3probabilities of events A and Boutcomes in sample space in this situation are not equally likely despite event A having 4 outcomes each one will not have probability 113 to yield 413 in total for eventsame situation goes for B does not total to 513 CONDITIONAL PROBABILITYIt Depends 1 ex contingency table showing distrubution of official language by region gives counts of visitors by cvar1 official langcvar2 region of residence PFrench6924802782
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