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Chapter 17

STAB22- Chapter 17, Butler, Summer 2012, Textbook Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Ken Butler

CHAPTER 17PROBABILITY MODELS WHERE ARE WE GOINGlearning about probability models in this chapterMAIN TEXT Recall qn Suppose a cereal manufacturer puts pics of famous atletes on cards in boxes of cereals for hope of incring sales Manufacturer announces that20 Crosby 30 Beckham 50 Williamsp446 SEARCHING FOR CROSBY 1 QN How many cereal boxes to open before we get Sidney Crosby pic 2 assumptionpics are randomly distributedprobabilities are correct ex20 of cards are Crosbyprobability of finding Crosby is 020 in this case trialopening each box and 1 only 2 possible outcomes exist failure or success ex you either get Crosbys pic success or you do not failure2 probability of success p is same ON EVERY TRIAL ex p020 3 trials are independent ex finding Crosby in first box doesnt change what will occur when you reach for next box 3 Crosby scenario is example of BERNOULLI TRIALS BERNOULLI TRIALS if 1 2 possible outcomes psuccess qfailurenote that it does not req 050p 050q2 Psuccess constant 3 trials indepother exstossing a coin 1 either get heads Success or get tails failure 2 Psuccess053 getting heads on one trial does not affect outcome you get on next trial
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