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Chapter 23

Chapter 23 Study Guide

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Music and Culture
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Andy Lee

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Chapter 23 Music, Politics, and the People in the European Twentieth Century Igor Stravinsky -Russian nationalist -undermining meter through unpredictable accents and rests -rapid changes of meter -frequent ostinato -layering and juxtaposition of static blocks of sound -discontinuity and interruption -dissonance based on diatonic and octatonic scale -dry and antilyrical -colourful use of instruments Russian Period -ballets are based on Russian folktales Firebird -humans are characterized by diatonic music -supernatural creatures are in octatonic or chromatic scale Petrushka -static harmony with repetitive melodic and rhythmic pattern -abrupt shifts from one block to another -unconnected musical events interrupt each other without transition -create kaleidoscope of diverse textures -Russian folk tune, popular French song, and Viennese waltzes -octatonic scale alternates whol
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