Chapter 10 Study Guide

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Women's and Gender Studies
Victoria Tahmasebi

Chapter 10 Study Guide N ,39K00,7O 8- 89K070Z,8,89743JL89L3.9L43-09Z00380[,3J0307 N Sex: described by the biology of an individual; anatomy, hormones and physiology(92) N *0307,3,.KL0;089,9:8.43897:.909K74:JK58.K4O4JL.,Ocultural and social means(92) N 9K089K090728J0307,380[-0.,20L3907.K,3J0,-O0L39K0803809K,9J0307 was thought to be fixed, unvarying and static- much like sex (92) N 4L3JJ0307K,88420K4Z-0.42084.L,OOJ:L0,3ZK03,3L3L;L:,O does certain things, their actions are categorized into being expressions of masculine and 102L3L303,9:708 N :784.L0934O43J07;L0Z8J0307,8,3L3L;L:,O9KL3J-:97,9K07,8,30207JL3J feature due to social interactions. As well, gender is what creates a division in society Perspectives on sex and gender N Gender is something that can be seen as being predicted from the reproductive functions of men and women (93) N 203,70203,3Z4203,70Z4203 a division perceived to be natural and leads to psychological, behavioural, and social consequences (93) biological determinism N Sex differences approach: sex-linked behaviours and traits of individuals are seen to essential properties of individuals reduces gender to fixed set of psychological traits N Role theory: 89:L089K084.L,O.43897:.9L4341J0307.,90J47L0880[74O0847J0307 74O08 analyzes how they are learned and enacted o .43.059:,OL]L3JJ0307,8,74O02,N08L9L11L.:O994,88088L98L31O:03.04349K07 roles and reduces its explanatory usefulness in discussions of power and L306:,OL9 many roles are already gender marked; which makes it difficult to analyze gender through this theory N Gender is the social doing of some sort, created and developed through interaction Gender Display N when humans interact with one another in their environment they assume that the other will display natural signs which can categorically be placed under feminity or masculinity (94) N Our actions or expressions convey our regards for others, indicate our alignment in an encounter and tentatively establish the terms of contact for that social situation (94) also 0[570884:7088039L,O3,9:708 N Gender displays (as defined by Goffman): ,1J0307-001L30,89K0.:O9:7,OO established correlates of sex (whether in consequence of biology or learning), then gender L85O,70107894.43;039L43,OL]054797,,O8419K080.4770O,908
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