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Women's and Gender Studies
Anissa Talahite- Moodley

Chapter 13: Losing It: Similarities and Differences in First Intercourse Experiences of Men and Women Introduction - historically, a woman’s virginity was crucial to marriage in terms of both honour and value; women who were found not to be virgins on their wedding night were seen as worthless in many cultures - in contrast, ‘proof’ of male virginity is unavailable physically and less important culturally - such differences in how virginity has been perceived in society have created an environment in which men and women may have different perceptions of first intercourse and its meanings - Burr argues that the contemporary construction of men’s sexuality as ‘active, dynamic, powerful, and, potentially uncontrollable’, also portrays women’s sexuality as essentially passive - in this construction, sex for women is not about active participation but about something that is received - women may thus be seen as dependent on men for introducing them to the physical pleasure aspects of sexual activities because conventional femininity demands that a women appear to be sexually unknowing, to desire not just sex but a relationship, to let sex ‘ happen’ without requesting it, to trust, to love, and to make men happy - traditional dating scenarios reinforced this perspective in that the women was expected to wait for the man to ask her out and the man was expected to handle details of cost , transportation, and activity - social discourses around sexuality, and particularly female sexuality, reflect and influence personal and educational perspectives on first intercourse - the first discourse, sexuality as violence, instills fear of sex by focusing on abuse, incest, and other negative outcomes of sexual activity - the second discourse, sexuality as victimization, identifies females as subject to the pressuring tendencies of male se
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