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University of Toronto Scarborough
Women's and Gender Studies
Anissa Talahite- Moodley

CHAPTER 21: Warrior Narratives in the Kindergarten Classroom: Renegotiating the Social Contract? − since the beginning of second-wave feminism, the separation between the public (masculine) world of politics and the economy and the private (feminine) world of the family and personal life has been seen as highly significant in establishing gender differences and inequality − Pateman's broad argument is that in the modern world, the world since the Enlightenment, a 'civil society' has been established − in this civil society, patriarchy has been replaced by a fratriarchy, which is equally male and oppressive of women − men now rule not as fathers but as brothers, able to compete with one another but presenting a united front against those outside the group − it is the brothers who control the public world of the state, politics, and the economy − women have been given token access to this world because the discourses of liberty and universalism made this difficult to refuse, but to take part, they must conform to the rules established to suit the brothers − this public world in which the brothers operate together is conceptualized as separate from the person and emotional − one is realm where there is little physicality – everything is done rationally, bureaucratically, according to contracts that the brothers accept as legitimate − violence in this realm is severely controlled by agents of the state, except that the brothers are sometimes called upon for the supreme sacrifice of dying to preserve freedom − the social contract redefines the brawling and feuding long seen as essential characteristics of masculinity as deviant, even criminal, while the rest of physicality – sexuality, reproduction of the body, daily and interge
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