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Women's and Gender Studies
Anissa Talahite- Moodley

Chapter 22: Intimate Colonalisms: The Material and Experienced Places of British Columbia’s Residential Schools Intimate Places of Colonialism: Residential Schools in British Columbia - British Columbia’s residential schools operated between 1861 and 1984 - the majority of the schools were (and remain) clustered in the southwest region of the province - most BC residential schools, operated within a clear assimilativist policy framework: residential education was a means both to break Aboriginal children’s links with their communities and cultures and a means to absorb them into a dominant society - the built and material structures of the province’s residential schools, in addition to the curricular and ideological content delivered within the schools, might thus be theorized as physical and non-material ‘placial’ realizations of larger colonial endeavours toward Aboriginal peoples - architecturally and materially, BC’s residential schools transmitted a colonial narrative of non-Aboriginal domination and superiority over First Nations peoples - aboriginal girls and young women were particularly susceptible to the bodily implantation of colonialism - this was consciously articulated policy amongst colonial administrators and was expressed in sentiments such as the ‘great forces of intermarriage and education will finally overcome the lingering traces of native custom and tradition’ − place, particularly place as gendered and segregated, functioned within residential school to separate families and erode familial ties, furthering the colonial goals of assimilating and transforming Aboriginal peoples − the materiality of residential schools was also inherent to the propagation of Euro-colonial ideals about Victorian domestic ideals, which were enacted and became
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