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Women's and Gender Studies
Anissa Talahite- Moodley

Chapter 32: You Can Run but You Can’t Hide: The Incorporation of Riot Grrrl into Mainstream Culture Riot Grrrl: Revolution, Whose Style? - generally speaking, riot grrrl (RG) emerged as an American-based movement comprised of young female punks who were fed up with the overwhelming malesness of punk rock, as well as being feminists who were fed up with sexism in general - media-savvy grrrls hooked up through self-published fanzines and word-of-mouth - their lyrics and other writing centred on themes of sexual abuse, oppression, and body image - they attended and organized conventions and fundraisers around feminist issues - they took the original punk do-it yourself approach to music-making, encouraging female approach to music-making, encouraging female peers to pick up instruments and form bands - riot grrrls were certainly not the first women in punk, nor were they the first feminists to make political music - but as a group, they were the first to deliberately and explicitly fuse the two realms with such an aggressive, in-your-face style The Ideological Form (an Example) − the name 'Riot Grrrl' is a deliberate manipulation of signs: the word 'riot' implies protest and aggression; the world 'girl' describes female childhood and is condescending when used to refer to a grown woman; the transformed word 'grrrl' literally includes a growl that turns the sugar-and-spice connotations of 'girl' upside-down − for the mass media, an industry that thrives on sound bites and buzz words, 'grrrl' was a commercial dream come true − through decontextualized adoption of this word, the media effectively trivialized its origins and, in so doing, minimized the otherness of RG − after initial rep
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