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Women's and Gender Studies
Anissa Talahite- Moodley

Chapter 40: Genderbashing: Sexuality, Gender, and the Regulation of Public Space Limits of Tolerance: Gender Norms and Gender Transgressions - ‘gender’ refers to the roles and meanings assigned to men and women based on their presumed biological sex - it is a social function, neither timeless nor historical - ‘sexuality’ , in contrast, refers to the ways in which individuals organize their erotic and sexual lives - this is generally categorized into three separate areas: heterosexuals – individuals who have sexual relations with members of the opposite sex; homosexuals – those who have sexual relations with members of the same sex; and bisexuals – people who relate erotically to both men and women - the fusion of gender and sexuality has distinct implications for the problematic of violence - indeed, bashers do not characteristically inquire as to the sexual identity of their potential victims, but rather make this assumption on their own - women and men who transgress acceptable limits of self-presentation, then, are among those most at risk for assault - assaults against men judged to be ‘eliminate’ or women deemed ‘masculine’ reveal the ways in which gender and sexuality are intertwined - gender is used as a cue to locate lesbians and gay men - though the perceived transgression of gender norms motivates bashing, this affects men and women differently Transsexual and Transgendered People and Violence - despite the variety of gender identities available in transgender networks, and despite the prevalence of transgendered people in other cultures, most people in Western societies assume that there are only two sexes and two genders - for transsexual and/or transgendered people, this poses a significant problem: a person must choose the gender to which he/she belongs and behave accordingly - because most people believe that there are only ‘men’ and ‘women’, transgendered people need to live as one or the other
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