September 21 Readings

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Women's and Gender Studies
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Victoria Tahmasebi

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September 21 CHAPTER 1 • Because fertilization occurs inside a woman, men faced the adaptive problem of uncertain paternity in supposed offspring • Women faced the adaptive problem of securing a reliable food source to carry them through pregnancy, and they solved this adaptive challenge by preferring mates who could provide for them o Women who failed to solve this problem failed to survive, imperilled the survival chances of their children and hence failed to continue their lineage • From a man’s perspective, there is a shortage of fertile woman • Women’s verbal skills tend to be higher than male’s • Women are less casual towards finding a suitable partner • Women tend to place greater value on good financial prospects in a mate • Women disdain men who have lack of ambition and lack of education • Neither men or women can be considered superior or inferior to one another • Each possess mechanisms designed to deal with its own adaptive challenges September 21 CHAPTER 2 • Current western thinking sees men and women so different physically that they are thought to be different species th • In the late 19 Century, the presence of ovaries was the determining factor of gender assignments for hermaphrodites because a woman who could not procreate was not a complete woman • In western society, whatever a ‘woman’ is must be ‘female’ and whatever a ‘man’ is must be ‘male’ • Menstruation, lactation, and gestation are individual experiences of womanhood, but not determinants of the category ‘woman’ or even ‘female’ • In the Olympics, women must do physical exams to see if she is ‘female enough’ to compete o Men are not tested o Purpose is not to categorize men and women accurately, but to make sure men don’t enter women’s competitions, where its felt, they’ll have the advantage of size and strength • For men is western societies, physical
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