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Women's and Gender Studies
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Victoria Tahmasebi

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Chapter 1 Liberal feminism In the 1960s and 70s feminism took on a turn of events and introduced the notion of equality more importantly thinking of women as individuals Liberal feminism does not agree that differences based on biology should account for reasons as treating men and women different and therefore goes on to argue that men and women are not all that different and should not be treated differently especially under the law Liberal feminism accepts and works within the gendered social order with the effect of purging of its discriminatory effects of womenLorber Today its wants to undergo gender reversing and counteracting the effects of gender discrimination Wants to gender mainstreamLiberal feminism has contributed much to society stop calling a wife the little women use Ms Instread of Mrs recognize womens past achievments and current capabilities in many fieldsget husbands to share some of the housework and child care legalize abortion 26Liberal feminism has helped women in the workplace work family balance and has demonstrated a notion of a glass ceiling Gatekeeping keeps women from reaching top positions in their occupations Liberal feminism believes that society is divided into two categoriesa private category and a public one They argue that women are stuck in this private spherewomen are treated differently and they do not earn money for the work they do Unlike publc which is mostly consumed by men who get paid for all the work they doThey claim that these categories create thises artificial barriers for women SLIDE 6 Liberal Feminism has come up with a socution They argue that to fix the problem there should be equality which is basically the basis of liberal feminism Women should be trated the same as men There also should be individual rights and freedoms granted for women such as the right for a women to compete in the labour market There also should be value given to womens autonomyand freedom Women should have a sense of entitlement They believe that theredoes not need to have a huge revolution btu a reform is needed Ther should also be equal access to opportunities given to womenand there should be equal redistribution of benefits and opportunities among men and womenSLIDE 7 Liberal Feminism has achieved a lot since coming into view in the 60s and 70sthey have gotten women legal equality in many matterns with men They have allowed abortion to be a womens right and have created great awareness for violence against womenAlthough Liberal Feminism has made a difference it is not perfectThe conception of human nature or the self planted by liberal feminism leads women to be viewed as emotional and socialized to be interdependent Womens sense of self is situated and concrete Women do not live by reason autonomy and selfisolation alone Liberal feminism also values male traitsequality is women acting like men It equals male being with human being it also essentializes feminity and masculinityand it does not fully acknowledge racism classism and heterosexism Liberal and Radical FeminismLiberal Feminism summarylorber In 1960s and 70s feminist focus in us was on women as individualsLiberal feminisms complaint that women were confined to the main job of wifemotherAnother thing that kept women down was mens devaluation of them as not too bright cloth conscious and overly emotional Liberal feminism claims that gender differences are not based in biology and therefore that women and men are not all that differentso theyshould not be treated differently under the lawIt accepts and works within the gendered social order with the goal of purging it of its discriminatory effects on women Tday this goal is termed undergoing genderreversing and counteracting the effects of gender discrimination A parallel goal is gender mainstreamingensuring that government laws and organizational policies do not adversely affect women and do address womens needs Early appleals of liberal feminism wwas easy stop calling a wife the little women use Ms Instread of Mrs recognize womens past achievments and current capabilities in many fieldsget husbands to share some of the housework and child care legalize abortion 26 27Argues that gendered characteristics such as womens parenting abilitiesmay seem biological but are really soiccal products Gendered inequality is built into this socialization bc supposedly masculine characteristicssuch as assertiveness are highly valued than supposedly feminine characteristics such as emotional supportiveness Promotes nonsexist socialization and education of children as well as media presentations of men and women in nontraditional roles expecially men as caring and competent fathers 29Sex and gender are the organizing markers in all societies In no country political group or community are men defined as lesser human beings than their female counterparts But almost everywhere women are so defined2930So many women and girls accept the Orwellian notion that restriction is freedom that suffering is pleasure that silence is power30
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