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Women's and Gender Studies
Anissa Talahite- Moodley

Liberal Feminism Marxist Feminism Source of inequality  Socialization of children is  Unwaged work for the family gendered not recognized and exploited  Women’s primary  Reserve army of labor responsibility is child care  Low pay for women’s jobs and housework  Jobs being broken into “men’s” and “women’s”  Glass ceiling Key fights  Affirmative action  Permanent wage work  More women in politics  Government-subsidized  Gender mainstreaming; maternal and child health attention to women’s needs care, chi-care, financial  Shared parenting allowances for children  Subsidized child care  Union of women workers  Procreative services (legal, accessible, and affordable) Negatives  Too much emphasis on  Don’t take into account race similarities; don’t promote and ethnicity when making the good differences gendered class analyses  Support paid work and  Permanent full-time jobs still careers as the most leave wives and mothers meaningful lif
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