WSTB13 Women and The Media

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Women's and Gender Studies
Jeri English

WSTB13Women Gender and Media Tea Mutonji NgombeREADING 1 BanetWeiser Sarah and Laura PortwoodStacer I just want to be me again Beauty Pageants Realty Television and PostFeminism Feminist TheoryThis essay argues that televised performance of gender have shifted focus from the intensely scripted outoftouch miss America to reality makeover shows that normalizes plastic surgeries as mean of becoming the ideal womanBeauty pageants orginal channel o ABC wasnt getting viewers so it got moved to CMT because they thought that kind of show would do better in southern communities who were all about music and gatherings the channel was also smaller and southern viewed smaller channels more so it worked out more potential of being viewed then on a big channel with a low of viewers and a lot of contentCMT first awnted to make the show into a reality show where we can see the making of the Beautybeautiful contestant in a kind of survivor way only the toughest will survive the best will win Instead Miss American drove themes of narrating in the form of a new genrethe cosmetic surgery makeover Televised had now shifted gender focusIn 1960s miss America attracted over 85 million views an almost unhead of number in reality televisionSarah BanetWeiser Mazim GraigMiss America pageant has historically proded itself on its commitment to lieral ideology especially the theme of equal opportunity Pagant attempts to resolve contradictions win liberal ideology by relying on classic liberal stories result in the retrenchment of national identity by white middle class normsIt is the active commitment to making these technologies visible pageants may then be situated as a particular cultural form that accommodates a liberal feminist rhetoricwhich relies on particular fantasies or agency voice and citenzenship as crucial components of identity construction for most American WomenLiberal ideolgoies clearly remains a political force in contemporary US societyReinventionpageant cannot seem to create and sustain an ideal definition of feminity for the contemporary US the relationship between contemporary MA contestants and femine national identity is situated win different meia environment Racial diverses social classes Cosmetic surgery and postfeminism became onePostfeminis bodly claims that women poses active political agency and subjectivity yet the primary place in which this agency is recognizedlegitimazed is win individual consumption habits as well as win general consumer cultureAngela Argues that contemporary commercials uses popular culture sexist imagery in an iconic way to deflect feminist critqiues of this kind of imagery so that the exploitation of ones body an sexuality is positioned as a matter of personal and individual choice and disconnected from feminist theories of powerMA remains irrevocable connected to a particular puritan ideal of sex and sexualityThe increasing normalization of cosmetic surgery in the US is one expression of postfeminism individual transformationcomestic surgery has become kind of empowermentAs with beauety pagant there has been a significant challenges to a feminist theorizing of cosmetic sugery as simply a paradox of choicesUnderstandly cosmetic surgery is normalized because of the postfeministReality make over shows in the post feminist Reality makeover show in the postfemiist contextreality make over shows is about making visible the technologies used to construcut selfthe make over show is commited to a kind of newly entrenched liberal politics A dominant feminist critique of beauty pageant is that events such as Miss America claims to represent the ideal representative of the citizensy marginalizing the types of bodies that are not displayedReality shows subjects are also chosen for their representativeness but in their cases they represent the perceived laws and shortcomings experienced by audience membersThe ideologies of postfeminis then found aniche in reality television when in 2002 cosmetic surgery and makeovers became a novel theme for new reality televised programmesThe key of theme of authencity is course key to reality relevision the shows demystifies the ideal female body by showing how it is produced in excruciating detailsThe swan and the extreme makeover Bettering you Beauty pageant and extreme makeovers all obsessed with creating a better you transformationOver and over again women undergoing these transformation state that they want to create a beauty self They want to be beautifulThis normalization of female flawless feminity is obviously problematic for feminist and the problem is compounded by a liberal logic that celebrates disciplinary and the problem practices of feminity as free choice and individual pleasuresPost MAreality Mover shows offer their viewers performances of feminity these performances need to be understood as emerging from the ciltural and political conditons in which they are produced
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