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September 21 Readings

Women's and Gender Studies
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Victoria Tahmasebi

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September 21
Because fertilization occurs inside a woman, men faced the
adaptive problem of uncertain paternity in supposed offspring
Women faced the adaptive problem of securing a reliable food
source to carry them through pregnancy, and they solved this
adaptive challenge by preferring mates who could provide for
oWomen who failed to solve this problem failed to survive,
imperilled the survival chances of their children and hence
failed to continue their lineage
From a man’s perspective, there is a shortage of fertile
Women’s verbal skills tend to be higher than male’s
Women are less casual towards finding a suitable partner
Women tend to place greater value on good financial
prospects in a mate
Women disdain men who have lack of ambition and lack of
Neither men or women can be considered superior or inferior
to one another
Each possess mechanisms designed to deal with its own
adaptive challenges
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