ANT100Y1 Chapter Notes -Mesoamerica, Blackboard

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4 Oct 2011

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Five Point Guide For
Question Formulation/ Critical Reading of Weekly
Assignments for student discussion
ANT 316H: ancient cultures of mesoamerica
Edward Swenson
(1) Pose a question(s) to your peers relevant to the text and other issues debated in
class. The question should reflect your critical reading of the assignment. It can
be designed to either expose a problem in the article or express an issue (theory,
interpretation, etc.) that you had difficulty understanding or contextualizing.
In writing your queries and evaluating those of your classmates posted on
blackboard, it is recommended that you pursue the following:
(2) “Deconstruct” the main argument of the article in question. What was the point
of the work? What revelation or new insight is the author trying to communicate?
(3) Do you agree with the thesis (argument) of the paper or find it compelling? Does
the author support interpretations with convincing historical or archaeological
data? What aspects of the work do you find persuasive, problematic, or
unconvincing? What is your general opinion of the quality and value of the
article in question?
(4) What theoretical approach does the author espouse and apply? Briefly relate the
scholar’s perspective with ideas already encountered in class.
(5) Appraise the response/analysis of your classmates (do you agree, disagree with
their viewpoints and why?).
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