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Chapter 6

Chapter 6 definition

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Christopher Watts

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Socio-cultural Anthropology Chapter 6
SocietyA group of human beings living together whose interactions
with one another are patterned in regular ways
StatusPublicly recognized social positions
RoleA bundle of rights and obligations appropriate for occupants of
the status in question
Ascribed statusIs a status which have little control; born or grow into it
Achieved statusMust meet certain criteria through your own efforts
Social structureTo identify key enduring social relationships that provide a
foundation for regularized, patterned social structure
InstitutionsThe clusters of social statutes and groups that share such
common focus (common task or cultural focus)
Interlocking role relationship that are activated when statuses have
incumbents, and group have members, all of whom are going about
the daily business of living
FunctionalismTerminology associated with the school of social scientific
thought (what makes something a mental state of a particular
type does not depend on its internal constitution, but rather
on the way it functions, or the role it plays, in the system of
which it is a part)
solidarityCharacterized small scale, kinship based societies in which all
the tasks necessary for survival were carried out on a family
level and families stayed together because they shared the
same language and customs
solidarityCharacterized large scale societies such as notion-states
societies All members enjoy roughly the same degree of wealth, power,
and prestige
societies Some members have greater access to some of all valued
Rank societies Social structures that elevate certain individuals and their families
above everyone else, allowing them privileged access to a limited
number of high-status positions
Sodalities Additional form of social organization that cross-cut kinship
groups and bound their members together at a more inclusive
Age setMade up of a group of young men born within a specific time
span such as five years; thus, a new set is formed regularly
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