ANT100Y1 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Pragmatics

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5 Apr 2011
Socio-cultural Anthropology Chapter 3.4, 3.5 and 3.6
communityIs any concrete community of individuals who regularly
interact verbally with one another e.g. internet chat rooms, e-
SociolinguisticStudy o the relationship between language and society
Verbal repertoireThe sum total of verbal varieties a particular individual has
Code-switching Switch from one variety (or code) to another as situation
Discourse Conversations and linguistic conventions of a group of people.
(Talk) e.g. storytelling, oratory, popular theater.
Pragmatics Pragmatics is the study of the aspects of meaning and
language use that are dependent on the speaker,
the addressee and other features of the context of utterance
Ethnopragmatics Study of the culturally and politically inflected rules o use
that shape particular acts of speech communication among
particular speakers and audience
PidginA grammatically simplified form of a language with elements taken
from local languages, used for communication between people not
sharing a common language
Creoleis used with different meanings in different contexts, which
can generate confusion. Generally it refers to a people or a
culture that is distinctive or local to a region, but with various
additional shades of meaning.
The beliefs and practices about language that are linked to
struggles between social groups with different interests and that are
regularly revealed in what people say and how they say it
is the attempt by interested parties, including individuals, cultural
or community groups, governments, or political authorities, to
reverse the decline of a language
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