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Chapter Coulter

ANT376H1 Chapter Notes - Chapter Coulter: Nancy Fraser, Social Reproduction, Neoliberalism

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Hillary Cunningham

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Beyond Human to Humane: Kendra Coulter
-core: vital affective state, ethical obligation, practical labour
-practice, reactive, formal/informal, paid/unpaid
-many animals are physically prevented from caring for fellow animals or offspring
-Nancy Fraser: recognition, redistribution
-Thomas van Doover: regimes of care
-animals are sentient beings who are able to think and feel consciously, physically, emotionally
-3 organizational categories: subsistence (survive), voluntary (done for humans in homes),
mandated (occupations and formal tasks)
-social reproduction: set of tasks and processes etc./work done to ensure wellbeing and future
of offspring/next generation
-ecosocial reproduction: animals in wild reproduce future -> social reproduction (necessary
for reproduction of ecosystem)
-farmed animals = largest group of land animals
-agriculture: cycle, killed, commodities
-Barbara Noske: applies Marx’s alienated labour with animals’ labour (alienated from
-animal-industrial complex: political economic structures in realities of neoliberal capitalist
-Rhoda Wilkie: commodity - companion continuum
-sentient commodity: simultaneously property and products; have feelings and personalities,
leading to ambivalence in their social position
-multioptic vision
-interspecies solidarity: empathy and compassion (intersects with care work)
-humane jobs: benefit both animals and humans
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