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Chapter Birke

ANT376H1 Chapter Notes - Chapter Birke: Bruno Latour, Animal Rights

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Hillary Cunningham

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Into the Laboratory - Lynda Birke
-feminism = animal issues
-animal behaviour is determined by humans
-against biological determinism
-ethics of animal experimentation
-science: objectivity, masculinity, scientific knowledge
-animal agency: subjectivity
-lab: domination and control systems
-social pecking order: scientists and inspectors (male) -> female technicians -> animals
-caring = associated with femininity
-valued less
-meanings are dependent on social relationships and beliefs
-naturalizing terms (homosexual rat)
-suppress emotionality and empathy
-Bruno Latour: labs are a source of political strength -> power and authority; data
-demands of technology can shape the social relationships (rats - size)
-studies -> spatial separation between experimenters and the animals
-don’t get to see behaviour of rats in natural habitat or on the daily
-technician is closer with them
-standardized -> lose individuality
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