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Chapter Malamud

ANT376H1 Chapter Notes - Chapter Malamud: Berlin Wall, Voyeurism

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Hillary Cunningham

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Zoo Spectatorship - Randy Malamud
-problematized in cultural representation
-presentation = token project permitting humans to repress reality of danger to natural world
-privilege human
-animal watching - TV
-spectator: passive not imaginative
-cage to cage - peep shows
-aggressive and socially dysfunctional
-public nuisances
-normal behavioural guidelines
-fosters sociopathy
-ape’s sexuality
-voyeurism masquerades as guest for scientific insight/truth
-Berger: animals deflate human gaze
-cat won’t look at king
-Foucault: authority, power, surveillance
-symbolically celebrating power
-feeding time
-one way
-human demand to be noticed by animal
-Berlin Wall
-appreciate spectatorship’s range
-zoos celebrate humans > animals
-Dante: gates of hell
-clinical voyeurism - Rudinow
-aggressive and invasive
-consume and destroy spectacle
-preserve as continuing object
-capitalize preservation of what we destroy
-never satisfied
-TV and internet
-Steve Baker: obedience to program
-domesticates real world via TV
-transforms real nature into our nature
-in situ
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