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Chapter Burt

ANT376H1 Chapter Notes - Chapter Burt: Stunning

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Hillary Cunningham

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Illumination of Animal Kingdom - Jonathan Burt
-animal = visual object (film) -> structures human responses and treatment
-visual cruelty and moral concern
-electrical stunning: clean - less anxiety
-history of disappearance
-effacement: animal representation = in framework of human wehre animal = quasi-human
-how we portray them in history
-emotion, instinct, desire
-categories - logical
-symbolic differences
-human identity
-imperial triumph
-metaphor - treat like tabula vasa
-outside of history
-animal = central figures in presenting new technology
-welfare and nature conservation
-visibility and appropriate
-bearers of morality
-animal politics
-driving force for technology (film) - want to see movement
-education and entertainment (killing)
-compare porn to imagery
-zoo = attractiveness of animal = event
-stage like
-no need to forage -> more social and sexual behaviour
-electrical stunning: invisibility and concealment
-Giambatista Becarria
-ECT - cathartic cleansing
-canine execution show - circus
-processing meat
-no skill to electrocute
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